Locum Doctors

Locum Doctors

With over 15 years’ experience placing locum doctors
Agency Nurses

Agency Nurses

Earn what you deserve with Loria Healthcare, a leading nursing agency.
Home Care

Home Care

At Loria we believe care is best when it’s at home in familiar surroundings.
Health is the greatest of human blessing Hippocrates
Make a habit of two things: to help ; or at least to do no harm

Who we are

Why choose Loria Healthcare?
Recruitment Company

Loria Healthcare was established to provide an effective 24 hour temporary staffing solution to Private and Public sector Healthcare organisations across the U.K

We Pride ourselves with working in conjunction with the NHS providing effective temporary staffing based of three principles


Patient safety is at the head of our priorities. We believe Honesty in all aspects of our business to be a pillar of our ethos. Honesty with candidate and client allows both to see our vision of the service clearly; what we do and why we are the best at it and allows us to build a reliable workforce, on the front line.


Operating with Sincerity within all business activities and knowing to be fluid and adapt correctly with the pace of change within the healthcare sector, it is our aim to advance with sincerity in all business endeavors. We pride ourselves on our committment to exceptional service in tern delivering upon our clients needs whilst exceeding their expectations.


With over 15 years experience within the Healthcare recruitment market we understand the demands of the sector. Our talent to provide a service that prioritises agency experience that exceeds candidate and client expectations whilst adhering to the highest standards of practice and in line with our regulatory and auditory bodies of conduct.

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Deliver Outsourced
Medical Recruitment

Loria Healthcare operate 24 hours per day 365 days a year and offer healthcare professionals ad hoc and contract work across the country across private and public healthcare organisations. We position ourselves as competitively as possible with our aim to stay ahead of the curve.

Healthcare Trust Europe

Improving healthcare within the communities we face through strengthening the performance and clinical excellence.

Work Force Alliance

Working with us, we want you to feel confident through every stage of the process. That’s why we put such an importance on quality, compliance and ethical practices.

Care Quality Commission

cooperating to deliver a common purpose and to improve outcomes for patients. making sure health and social care is provided with safe, effective, compassionate care at its highest quality.

With our specialists and experts at your disposal, you will experience a hassle free on boarding process.

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    Fast and Efficient Resourcing

    To find and fulfill a contract, speed is key in this day and age, however critical it is. Efficiency is a must where a perfect contract is met.

    On-boarding Consultation

    Formation of clients profile, ready for job acquiring stage.

    Contract Agreements

    Arrange a fair contractual agreement, expenses and fee agreements.

    Fulfill job Post

    Job post begins as agreed, until the next job comes along.