NHS Fairer Wage Advocates

Everyone needs a decent standard of living to thrive.​

Healthcare professionals work in the highest-pressure workplaces and we believe we can come together, petitioning on a national scale, to bring upon a positive change.

Be part of a campaign that’s bringing healthcare professionals together across the UK, to recognise a real Living Wage and end the injustice of in-work poverty.

Loria Healthcare is the first healthcare agency in the UK to Petition for Fairer wages for clinical staff in the NHS, our Nurses, carers and Doctors are our heroes, we saw them on the front line not only during Covid-19, but everyday that has past and is yet to come. The 3.5% rise in band 5 nurse wages does not reflect the hard work, commitment and dedication of our healthcare professionals. Nor is it acceptable for Junior Doctors to have to strike in order to be heard. 

As such Loria healthcare has come up with the initiative to gain as many signatures as possible to petition parliament for a accurate review of it’s budgets and to quite frankly pull their fingers out. As a private sector agency, we understand the importance of working in conjunction with the NHS. 

The process is simple, if you agree to the wage gap and want to make a change for a fairer wage, please fill in the form below with a quick signature, click submit and that’s it! your in…

    Fairer Wage Advocates